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Buffalo Area Landscape Lighting Designer

Why Luminated Landscapes?

Any contractor can install a few cheap light fixtures and pull you out of the dark. But what makes the difference between a good job and a great one? It’s the reason why one chef is good and another pronounced great, it’s the way Itzhak Perlman makes a violin sing, and why Michelangelo was the equivalent of an artistic rock star. All of them know how to touch your soul. You see Music, for example, is a vibration sensed by the ears while light is a vibration sensed by the eyes. And if the eyes are the window to the soul, then light sings to the soul. And we do that better than anybody else. But don’t just take my word for it, browse our website and if you concur, please contact us. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you the service I can offer. Thank You!

Custom Designed Landscape Lighting

Custom Outdoor lighting designer
  • Path and Walkways

  • Facade Enhancement

  • Security and Safety

  • Backyard and Pool Area

  • Holiday Lighting Displays

  • Interior Lighting Makeovers

From the Artist

Phillip Colarusso

Hi, I’m Phil Colarusso, I am an artist and I paint with Light. I work for successful people, like you, who are frustrated when pulling into their driveway at night, can’t see their beautiful home. Are you concerned that an evening visitor can’t safely see the steps and sidewalks? Or when entertaining in the back yard, are you disappointed with the lack of evening ambience? Which of these are issues for you?

New York State Landscaping Award Winner

2014 New York State Nursery and Landscape Association Award For Night Lighting

Prior Year Awards: 2006 & 2013 New York State Best Landscape Lighting, 3 Time Regional Award Winner For Landscape Lighting

Does Your Front Yard Need A Makeover?

After making a significant investment in your house do you have that gnawing feeling that something is missing? After you take care of making sure your house and landscaping are up to date does pulling up to your house still leave you underwhelmed?

The number one thing we hear from people who call us is that they want a property that is well lit and speaks to the care and pride they take in everything else in their life. At Luminated Landscapes we believe in helping you take the final step your property needs, a properly lit house and yard.

Front Yard Photo Gallery

A Properly Lit House Provides:

Properly lit house

  • Security: Thieves and Intruders Hate Being Seen!

  • Safety: Enjoy Entering & Exiting Your House At Night!

  • Beauty: We Exist To Paint Western NY Homes With Light!

Make Your Backyard Your Private Sanctuary...

Buffalo, NY and Western New York has some of the best weather in the world but unfortunately the amount of time we have to enjoy the outdoors can seem incredibly short. Enjoy your time in your backyard by letting Luminated Landscapes turn your backyard into your own private sanctuary to relax, reflect, and recharge.
Our custom landscape lighting designs will allow your family and friends to maximize your time outdoors and enjoy sitting in your newly lit backyard spring, summer, and fall. Phil Colarusso will consult with you personally to create a yard that you will enjoy this year and the next. Take a look at what others have done with custom lighting solutions from Luminated Landscapes

Backyard photo gallery

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